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Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee


Joanna McClinton

District 191

Joanna McClinton serves as the Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, while proudly serving the 191st legislative district. In November 2018 she made history by becoming the first African-American and woman to be elected as the House Democratic Caucus chairman for the 2019-20 legislative session — a position she held for the duration of the 2019-2020 legislative session. Joanna was elected to serve as the first woman House Democratic Leader in 2020, and — again shattering the legislative glass ceiling in Pennsylvania — was elected to serve as the first woman Speaker of the House in 2023.

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Matt Bradford

District 70

Matt Bradford has built a reputation as a bipartisan consensus builder both locally and in Harrisburg, fighting for working families in HD-70. As a father, activist, attorney, and state representative, Matt knows the values of his community and is no stranger to finding common ground solutions that improve the lives of his constituents.

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Majority Leader
Jordan Harris

District 186

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Majority Chair of Appropriations Committee
Dan Miller

District 42

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Majority Whip
Ryan Bizzarro

District 3

Ryan Bizzarro’s career in public service is marked by a passion for victim advocacy, animal rights, and veteran issues and rights. Ryan's decision to run for office – and his efforts since being elected – are natural outgrowths of his determination to serve the people of Erie.

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Majority Policy Committee Chair
Tina Davis

District 141

Tina Davis has carved out a reputation as a leader in Harrisburg, taking on a lead role on key issues such as economic development and opportunity, job creation, pay equity, property tax reform, and programs assisting families, seniors, and veterans. As your representative for the people of HD-141, Tina will continue to fight for these vital services in your community.

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Majority Caucus Secretary
Mike Schlossberg

District 132

Mike Schlossberg is running for reelection because he believes that government has an important role to play in improving your life -- and he wants to continue playing that role in the fight for fair taxes, great jobs, quality education, and protecting our most marginalized community members. Mike will continue to fight for the best quality of life in HD-132!

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Majority Caucus Chair
Leanne Krueger

District 161

A leader in countless committees and organizations in Harrisburg, Leanne Krueger is trailblazing a path to progress for the people of HD-161. A progressive champion and tireless advocate for women, school kids, the environment, and working families, Leanne will never stop fighting for what's right on and off the House floor.

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Majority Caucus Administrator
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