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Jonathan Kassa
HD 151

Jonathan Kassa has dedicated his life to protecting and serving others. He worked as a nonprofit executive director, fought to keep campuses safe, led victim advocacy initiatives, and serves as a North Penn School Board Director. In Harrisburg, Jonathan will fight for equitable education funding, common-sense gun control, and affordable healthcare.

Todd Stephens has taken thousands of dollars from charter and online private school special interest groups. He took over $14,500 from Students First, a charter group connected to Betsy Devos, and $13,700 from Vahan H. Gureghian. While at the same time he's voted to drain millions of taxpayer dollars from local public schools. In fact, because of politicians like Stephens, local schools send, on average, over four million taxpayer dollars to private and charter schools, forcing local taxpayers to make up the difference. Todd Stephens chooses the corporations and his donors over taxpayers.

Harold Hayes
HD 18

Howie Hayes comes from a family of essential workers. He's a plumber, his wife is a nurse. His family are teachers, police, firefighters and first responders. Howie Hayes will fight for essential workers and working people in Harrisburg.

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Marlene Katz
HD 29

Marlene Katz is proud to run for State Representative for HD-29. She brings over 30 years of experience as a successful small business owner and a Bucks County community leader. Marlene is ready to lead on economic recovery, healthcare, and commonsense firearm safety that keeps our schools and children safe.

Ann Marie Mitchell
HD 178

Ann Marie Mitchell grew up in a working-class, union family and through hard work, was able to become the first woman in her family to attend college after earning a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated from the Wharton School of Business and The University of Pennsylvania Law School. Ann Marie is now a business attorney with over 25 years of experience in local businesses. Ann Marie has the courage and experience to stand up for her community and fight for affordable healthcare, strong public education, clean air, and drinkable water.

Lissa Geiger-Shulman
HD 30

Lissa grew up committed to making a difference in the world. After college, she became a teacher and joined her local union to do just that. In addition to educating children, Lissa served as Chief of Staff for State Representative Dan Miller. Lissa is a former teacher running on a platform of economic and social recovery, as making healthcare more affordable, investing in our children, protecting the environment, and fighting for the rights of workers.

Gary Spillane
HD 144

Gary Spillane is a dedicated husband, father, and business owner. He and his wife have called Bucks County home for over 25 years where he raised his two daughters and owned and operated his business, Atlantic Building Products, where he paid fair wages and provided healthcare for all of his employees. He is running to provide for working families, preserve open space, and protect Pennsylvania for the future.

Kevin Branco
HD 131

Kevin Branco is a fourth-generation small business owner and organizer in his community. Kevin is focused on reinvesting in the public education system, growing the local economy, and reinvigorating small businesses all around Pennsylvania.

Michele Knoll
HD 44

A lifelong resident of Allegheny County, Michele Knoll is an educator, non-profit founder, former School Board Director, and community advocate. She serves on the Board of Just Harvest, an organization that educates, empowers and mobilizes people to eliminate hunger, poverty, and economic injustice, and she mentors new mothers at Nurture PA. Michele Knoll will work for a fair shake for hardworking people, opportunities through education, and a healthy community.

Brittney Rodas
HD 105

As a former food stamp kid and product of public schools, Brittney’s top priority is to ensure that every child in the commonwealth will have a quality public education, no matter their ZIP code. After her late father - a Vietnam War Veteran and steelworker - had failed to qualify for Medicaid because his income was seven dollars over the threshold, she knows from experience that the Pennsylvania House needs champions of affordable, accessible healthcare. Additionally, Brittney is committed to ending gerrymandering and the influence of corporate special interests so that Pennsylvanians have a government that puts people over politics.

Jill Dennin
HD 147

Jill Dennin has dedicated her life to giving back to her community. With her decades of experience in education and advocacy, Jill will be an independent voice in the state House, committed to bringing new ideas and commonsense solutions to Harrisburg. 

Lindsay Drew
HD 106

Lindsay Drew is a self-employed single parent who grew up in a working, middle-class family and works tirelessly for the common good. Her diverse background in business, nonprofit organizing, and servant leadership will set her apart as the Representative the 106th district deserves.  Once elected, she will fight for public education, fair wages, and access to healthcare.

Paul Friel
HD 26

Paul Friel is a father of four with deep roots in the 26th district community. Paul married his high school sweetheart and raised four children in the OJR school district. Paul is the owner of PACE Environmental, a Mid-Atlantic environmental testing and engineering firm. Paul’s platform is focused on local and community issues, specifically the economic recovery from Covid-19, the full and fair funding of public education, affordable healthcare and sustainable environmental stewardship.

Emily Skopov
HD 28

Emily Skopov runs the nonprofit that she started which prevents environmental waste and gets educational and art supplies to those who need them most. Prior to that, she had a successful career as a screenwriter and director. Emily believes that elected officials are public servants and is running to restore common sense in the public interest to government.

Deb Ciamacca
HD 168

Deb Ciamacca is a former Marine Captain, manufacturing manager, union president, and teacher--a leader with a lifetime of service. Although motivated to run by the gun violence epidemic, Deb also has  powerful stances on protecting the environment, funding public education, fighting gerrymandering, expanding healthcare, and raising the minimum wage.

Anton Andrew
HD 160

Anton Andrew's experience and career is rooted in serving others throughout his community. For over twenty years, Anton has fought for low income and working class families as an attorney. He is running for the state house to invest in our schools, end the gun violence epidemic, and fight for working class values.

Nancy Guenst
HD 152

An Army vet and the first female mayor of Hatboro, Nancy is a lifelong fighter. As a small business owner, and the mother of a child in the LGBT community, Nancy knows firsthand what it takes to survive in PA and what desperately needs to change in order for us to all thrive. In office, Nancy will advocate for increased funding for public education, LGBTQ+ equality, common sense gun reform, expanding healthcare access, protecting reproductive healthcare, and protecting our environment.

Claudette Williams
HD 176

Claudette Williams enlisted in the US Army in 1985 and went on to become a Sergeant-Major. Now retired from the Army, Claudette Williams is prepared to continue serving and fighting for residents of Monroe County. She will use her experience to take on disruptive special interests that block Pennsylvanians from progress. 

Mike Doyle
HD 170

Mike is is running to be State Representative because his life experiences give him a unique insight that many of our representatives in Harrisburg lack: that when we see one another’s common humanity and shared values instead of being divided by income, background, or race, we can begin to build community and tackle difficult issues -- whether it’s the opioid epidemic, a lack of affordable healthcare (before and now during the pandemic), building a stronger economy for working families, and local businesses, ensuring we have environmental protections and regulations that safeguard all our communities, or investing in safe and fully-funded public education.